Double Sided: $6.00

Single Sided (Youth/Adult): $2.00

We have basic mouthguards to satisfy the requirements by the NFHS and USAW for mouth protection. The single-sided is a SAFETGARD, and is moldable (but not necessary). The double-sided is only necessary for wrestlers with braces.

ASICS Gear Bag


These 2-strap bags are great for tournaments! They have 2 large pockets on the inside and a small pocket on the outside, plus a spot to keep an ID or athlete's card. The large pockets are split, with one having solid side panels and the other being mesh.

In Stock Colors: Black, Red,  Royal, Pink, Orange, Purple

Wrestling Essentials


We keep a variety of bags and other items that are useful to athletes in stock at our store.

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Jim's Wrestling Supply, LLC

Shoulder Bags


Single strap sling bags. Great to take for a practice bag, they'll hold shoes, headgear, and a set of workout clothes.

Colors: Black, Red/Grey, Royal/Grey