Cramer 750 Athletic Tape

Roll: $3

Case (32 Rolls): $62

Available from our stock in White or Black. We can order any other colors available.


Cliff Keen Scorebook: $10

Predicament PWS-3: $20

Predicament PWS-4: $24

The Cliff Keen is a basic scorebook, frequently used by clubs for duals and such. Smaller, lighter, but contains the fewest pages.

The PWS-3 contains more pages, getting most teams through a season. Constructed with plastic covers and larger pages, this is more durable.

The PWS-4 is the same as the PWS-3, only contains 40% more pages for those large teams fielding several lines.

Miscellaneous Wrestling Supplies

Ankle Bands/Wrist Bands/Flip Coins

Ankle Bands: $12 (2 sets/pack)

Wrist Bands: $7.00

Flip Coin: $6.00

All available in Red/Green and Red/Blue sets


Small: $45

Large: $95

Laminated score/period trackers

Cliff Keen Face Mask

Price: $65

This is a great mask to protect an injury on the face of an athlete. Attaches to most 4-strap headgear without a problem.

Speed Rope Jump ropes

Price (1-11): $5.00

Price (12+): $3.50

Available in 7', 8', 9', and 10' lengths. Color coded by length for easy use and clean-up

Nail Clippers: $1.75

Metal. Sharp.

Nose Plugs

50 Pack: $5

6 Packs: $25

Cotton, tubular. Fit most nostrils. Highly absorbent.

Everything you would need to run a successful tournament or room. Colored bands, nose plugs, score books, etc. You'll find it below

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