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PAWS Body Wipes

Canister of 150: $15.00

Case of 6 Canisters: $75.00

Case of 10 Canisters $115

These are Moistene, and are great to take on trips where your athletes may not get to shower before the long ride home.

One of the biggest problems wrestling faces is the persistence of "funk" in a room once it appears. With these products, picked for their high quality and excellent prices, we look to help eliminate that problem in every way possible.

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PAWS Body Wipes

Pack of 100: $20

Case of 12 Packs: $150

These are individually-wrapped wipes, 5"x7", and are great to take on trips where your athletes may not get to shower before the long ride home.

CaviWipes Mat/Gear Wipes

1 Canister (160 Wipes): $15

1 Case (6 Canisters): $85

These wipes are great to use at a tournament for blood clean-up, or to keep in the locker room to wipe down headgear and shoes after practice.

Monster Mops

4' w/ 3 mop heads: $185

6' w/ 3 mop heads: $280

These mops are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum. They require a sprayer (or bucket) to apply the cleaning solution to the mats, but they'll clean a mat in only a few turns.

To purchase additional mop heads, contact us for pricing.

Sole Mat Shoe Cleaner

Price: $85

Drying Mat: $20

This is a great product to have in the wrestling room. Pour in some mat-cleaning solution, and let it sit. Your wrestlers will be able to walk in and scrub shoes clean of whatever they may have picked up on their way from the locker room to the wrestling room.

This uses whatever solution is used to clean the mats. It only needs emptied and refilled twice a week.

Mat Cleaning Supplies

Bucketless Mops

Price: $175 (includes 1 mop head)

         $190 (includes 4 mop heads)

         $5/ add'l mop head, min 3

Our bucketless mops feature a 21" cleaning surface, a 1 gallon-capacity reservoir, and are constructed from durable aluminum for lighter work when cleaning. They are easy to fill, easier to empty, and a cinch to use by anyone.

The mops use washable mop heads, which combine a static-cling mechanism to trap dirt and debris while you work.

Husky 891 Arena Disinfectant

Per Gallon: $35

Case (4 Gal): $120

This is the premier mat disinfectant. Produced by a company which makes hospital-grade cleaners, this is specially formulated to eliminate any threat to your athletes while being safe to the touch. Only requiring 1 ounce per gallon of solution, this will go a long way.